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octoberness, perfection and slapstick


In Abstercot they believe reality to be the product of interaction between three powerful elements: Octoberness, Perfection and Slapstick.


Octoberness is a complexity of emotions associated with the transition from summer into autumn; it is also a sense of pending, of waiting for something to happen.


Perfection is that unattainable state of flawlessness that every schoolboy knows does not exist. In Abstercot they believe a flaw to be an imaginary side product of rules created by the human intellect. Take away human perception and suddenly everything is perfect by dint of its mere existence.


The third element Slapstick is, like gravity, an inescapable force of nature. It teaches us through comical mishap, embarrassment and enforced clumsiness, valuable and life enhancing lessons in humility. Through the good offices of Slapstick we are delivered from pomposity, conceit and misplaced sobriety.


Moff is a floater, a practitioner of Edoddi: Abstercot's traditional blend of art pictures, word poems and music tunes. The spirit of Edoddi provides, for those who seek it, a means to create an authentic folk music for today - a folk music of the individual, the tradition of one in an age of alienation!


In Edoddi there are no rules except those of ones own making; it is a free musical expression of one's mind and one's experience of life.


When he's not recording, or writing, Moff is painting.


Or having a brew.

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