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links to moff on the web world

Moff has a close association with invisiblegirl records. Julia at the label has kindly released to the world a staggering five of Moff's albums: Gravy on a Plate of Food; The Corrosive Norm; Sperm Jingle Harvest; Blue house and Titty Bottle; A Book of Fretful Chums. Reviews of the albums can be found on Bob Osborne's Aural Delights Blog.

been on the web world

Moff has been all over internet since he got a better broadband connection in Abstercot, and he was amazed that he was already there!

Moff @ invisiblegirl

Moff has a MySpace site, but hasn't updated it for a while. Perhaps he will soon... There are a couple of tracks on AcidPlanet as well...

Moff @ MySpace

Moff released an album with all proceeds going to charity. Check it out at BMyCharity...

Moff @ BMyCharity Moff @ AcidPlanet Moff @ AuralDelights Moff + SiltFish

Moff has worked with a number of people, notably: As half of SiltFish with Stumblin' Andy K; As vocals on a track for Lau's Martin Green on his solo album. There are lots more collaborations which will be added as Moff remembers them!

Moff + Martin Green

Moff was interviewed by Bob Osborne for The Fall Fanzine REFORMATION. Bob also DJ's on a few shows for SalfordCityRadio.FM and often plays Moff Skellington on his Aural Delights show.

Moff in REFORMATION AuralDelights @SCR.FM

Moff Skellington and Andy Quayle art pictures can be found all over the t'interweb....

Moff @ SMYA Moff @ SMYA facebook Moff @ Flickr